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Creative Services

Maybe you want an idea tested? a single prototype made or a full production run of 50,000 units?

  • Software development (hardware hacks)
  • Product Prototyping
  • CAD and 3D modelling
  • Virtual and Augmented reality
  • Point of Sale design/build

Whether you’re a complete novice, a flat-tack business owner or an experienced engineer, we can help you find a solution that works, whether via our in-house team or our extensive network of local talent.

Get Started Now!

  • To submit a job inquiry or make an appointment contact us . Be sure to include or bring all relevant files, photos, and sketches.
  • If you know what technique you need to use for your project, pricing information and our preferred file formats for submission can be found under making.
  • If you’re curious about who we are and what we do, consider attending one of our regular workshops on our machines and processes.

We look forward to working with you!

Keoni Mahelona- Physicist, Engineer & Entrepreneur.
Makerspace NZ introduced me to the power of open-source hardware and 3D fabrication. I started using their services in 2014 for an independent research project based at Callaghan Innovation. Callaghan Innovation (and the Universities) did not have the affordable access to the resources I needed to prototype on a budget.
I was fortunate to meet the Makerspace crew who could prototype and iterate designs within a day using their resources, whereas traditional machine shops would have longer lead times and higher costs.