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TE6040 600 x 400 60W laser cutters

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General laser cutter info:

Our current stock of CO2 laser cutters/engravers (for non-metal* and organic materials):

  • TE9060L (80-100W, 900x600mm cutting/engraving area)
Kerry Williams, Technology Teacher at Southwell School

Lasercutter going superb. Best thing ever. Don't know how I taught without it.

Available on indent (normally 4-6 weeks from payment of deposit):

  • TE1390L (80-200W,  1300x900mm cutting/engraving area)
  • TE18-13L (100-250W, 1800x1300mm cutting area)
  • TE25-13L (100-250W, 2500x1300mm cutting area)

*CO2 lasers are able to engrave anodised aluminium and some metals with additional chemical additives but not as easily as a Fibre laser.

Our current stock of Fibre laser engravers (for metal):

  • TE2011FL (20W, 110 x 110mm bed)
  • TE3011FL (30W, 110 x 110mm bed)
  • TE2020FL (20W, 200 x 200mm bed)
  • TE3020FL (30W, 200 x 200mm bed)

We can supply and install Fibre lasercutters for cutting metal upto 12mm aluminium and 20mm mild steel. Power range 0.5kW to 3kW. Please talk to us about options.

Most of our machines are available for outright purchase, rental or lease-to-own –  we won’t just sell you a machine to make a quick buck! We’ll deliver to your premises, install and then, if you decide you need it – we’ll provide Professional Development training and classroom support to make your experience a complete and comfortable one. Dare we even say enjoyable?

If your machine goes wrong for whatever reason – we’re nice people – we won’t leave you in the lurch.

We also carry spares such as, lenses, mirrors, CO2 Lasertubes (50W, 60/70W and 80/100W, 100/130W), motors, control systems and powersupplies etc & what we don’t have in stock we can easily get within 3-7 days.