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3D Printing – FDM and SLS

3D Printing is perfect for making small items out of plastic with a high degree of fidelity and precision. We offer multiple tiers of printing, from FDM plastic-printing on the inexpensive end, to SLS resin-printing at the higher end.

With all of the discussions of 3D printing and portrayals of it in the media lately, it perhaps is more useful to talk less about what 3D printing is, and more about what it is not. Specifically:

  • 3D printing is not fast. A single print usually takes one to thirty hours.
  • 3D printing is not perfectly versatile. There are shapes that are simply too small and/or too delicate to be printed.
  • 3D printing cannot directly print most materials. The only materials we offer are plastic and plastic-like resin. For other materials, we offer a moulding and casting service that can effectively convert plastic to other materials such as silicone.
  • 3D printing cannot replicate objects. A 3D printer can only print objects that have a complete and accurate 3D model in the computer. If you want us to print an object that you have in your hand, you will need to digitize it first, which can be quite a large additional expense.



A 3D printing project for a handheld scanner
Accepted File Formats: .obj, .stl (but we can process most 3D file types)

Maximum Print Size: 340mm x 340mm x 580mm (SLS/Resin)

250mm x 200mm x 200mm (FDM)

Default Material & Colour: ABS*, White

Technologies available:

  • SLS: Powder which is joined by laser, can be slightly rough to the touch (Contact us for details)
  • FDM: Filament, light lines present in final product**, needs support material removing (via button below)
  • SLA: UV cured resin, wax support requires removal, good for delicate parts (Contact us for details)

Additional info needed: 

  • Approximate print dimensions (in case of scale mis-match during file import)
  • Plastic type (ABS or PLA)
  • Printing colour
  • Deadlines (if any)

* Other filament colours are available on request, but are subject to stock availability.

**Can be chemically smoothed post process to look ‘polished’, although some detail will be lost.

For FDM printing, please feel free to use the cost estimator & order button below:

Order a 3D Print