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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of our core making/prototyping services, and is absolutely ideal for working with thin plywood. Not only does it offer an extremely high level of precision and control, it also allows for etching of any design to add visual interest to your product, and has the distinctive “burned edge” look that is currently quite popular.

Please ensure that your file is as tidy as possible before submitting, and if size is of critical importance, include the size of one or more identifiable features from your file so that we can doublecheck that your unit scale read in correctly before laser cutting.




Accepted File Formats: .dxf, .ai, .svg, .pdf, .png*, .jpg*

Compatible Materials: Wood, MDF, acrylic, cork, rubber, paper/cardboard, cloth/wool, leather

Maximum Material Thickness: 18 mm**

Maximum Cut Area: 850×1300 mm

Additional info needed: 

  • Material specifications (you supply or we provide, thickness, type, etc.)
  • Approximate size of cutting area (to guard against scale mis-match during file conversion)
  • What to etch vs. what to cut (stroke/layer colour)

*These file types are accepted for etching only; cuts based on raster image files will incur an additional tracing fee.

**Maximum material thickness varies based on a number of factors – check with us.

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