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UAV/Glider project
Fresh Supreme Award
1:72 scale airplane
Architectural Model
Human bust for use in a courtroom.
WoW: design commission
Just a small house...
Tom&Luke - POS stand
Wellington submarine features/faultline - CNC machining
Simple business card idea...
Point of sale items
Arduino based LED product display
Seated Human Lotus (full size)
ANZAC installation models for projection mapping
"Save the Basin" project
Reverse engineering of olde-world (BADGE) into a digital and physical crest
Forest and Bird - Birdboxes/Trees for Point of Sale
Training tool - Architectural Model
ESR/Crime Scene: 3D Point Cloud Scanner
"Paper Rain Project" - Wine barrel skateboards...

A few past projects.

Phew... time for a break!
Happy Holiday wishes & hearty thanks to all our customers, we hope you'll be taking a nice break - we certainly will! Therefore Makerspace NZ will be closing on the 19th December and will be re-opening on the 14th of January. We will still be periodically checking our email for EMERGENCY issues if you need help! Have a great break and see you all again in January.