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Please note 🙂

  1. MakerspaceNZ does not provide technical support for any of the software packages below, other than Laserworks 8 when supplied with Makerspace NZ supplied machines.
  2. We have recently received an increasing number of support calls stating the download links don’t work – If you are a school User,  – this is probably due to firewall and antivirus policies used within the school network – we suggest checking with your IT department for setting up internal school sharing of any downloaded files. If you get a pop-up antivirus message, please be assured there are no viruses within any of these installers.
  3. MacOS may not be supported (check with vendors website for MacOS versions) and you can always use Bootcamp or other Windows emulation software to run these apps too.
  4. Please note that the emailed download links CANNOT be shared with other people (you must save the file and share the .EXE or .MSI) otherwise you will get an error message when trying to do so. Every direct download link requires a new email – sorry.


LaserWorks V8 (WINDOWS ONLY)

This is the super awesome laser control fully automated installer that interfaces with all our TEXXXXL CO2 laser systems.


For a full in depth learning experience why not check out our Laserworks V8 Tutorials on Youtube.

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Lightburn Laser Software (trial/demo for MacOS)

Lightburn is a proprietary graphics editor and laser processor similar to Laserworks 8 that works with MacOS, it is not free, we don’t provide support with this product in any way and a 3rd party subscription is required. If you require help with Lightburn, they have a helpdesk support service.


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The Inkscape logo


Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or Xara X. It also can export DXF files that work quite well with Laserworks, and PDFs that import into VCarve nicely.

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VCarve Pro (Trial Version Win64)

VCarve Pro 9.5+ is a super powerful CAD/CAM package with excellent integration to our CO2 Lasers and CNC Routers. Pricing is awesome for what you get and its powerful CAD creation, checking, fixing/cleanup tools and post processors make it easy – for 2D, 2.5/3D and 4th Axis Rotary machining! Supports Auto Tool Changing too!


If you loved the trial – you can buy a digital installer from us as the NZ Agent and we can provide professional development        (Bonus: upto 40 licenses per install for schools!)


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Sculptris (Full version for Windows)

If you love to play with clay and create creatures and characters like the movie-pros, Scultpris is the ultimate in creativity! Use the easy-to-learn software and create your creature, then export and 3D print, lasercut or CNC machine your creations.


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123Make (Full version for Windows)

123D Make lets you turn 3D models into 2D build plans with animated assembly instructions – perfect for lasercutting and CNC plans!

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Pepakura Designer (Trial version)

Use your 3D models to create awesome physical paper-art and soft materials (think of all the cuddly toy possibilities!)

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MeshMixer V3.3 (Full Win64 version)

Need to fix some holes before 3D printing? Maybe splice a couple of models or modify a 3D mesh? Delete some surplus bits n bobs off your model? This is the software for you!

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Documents and Manuals

We have a wide range of manuals, guides, and documentation for MakerspaceNZ supplied machines and supplies, but there are far too many to list here. Please contact us – we’re happy to help!